News Bulletin – Friday 20th January 2017

Staff Update

Over the coming weeks, some of the children will beginning to move up to the next room. To support these transitions, we have been working with the team to ensure that we have the best staff team in each room. Rosina, who has working in our Hedgehogs Room (Baby Room), has decided that she would like to move up to Owls (Preschool) and join Jae, Alison and Beth with the increasing number of preschool children. Rosina will be moving to Owls from Monday 23rd January so she can begin to get to know her key children and start her journey with her new team.

We would also like to introduce our new Nursery Apprentice, Taylor Wood. Taylor also joins us on Monday 23rd January and will be based in Squirrels (Toddler Room). We look forward to her becoming part of our team.


Active Kids Vouchers

From next week, we will collecting Active Kids Vouchers from Sainsbury’s. If anyone has any colleagues, friends or family who can collect these on our behalf, we would be grateful to receive as many as possible.


Can you help us?

We are looking at ways to improve our role-play areas in all the rooms. As part of this we are looking for everyday items such as pots, pans, utensils, hats, scarves and any old children’s jackets (buttoned/zipped). Any donations would be happily received.



During cold weather our floors do get quite cold, therefore we would be grateful if parents of children in our Hedgehogs Room could please provide their children with hard-soled slippers to wear at nursery. As with all clothing, we recommend that slippers are clearly named.