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At Monkey Puzzle Hartley Wintney, between the ages of 2 years and 3 years old, children are welcomed into and enjoy a space in our Toddlers (Squirrels) room that matches their inquisitiveness and energy. The space is filled with well-considered furnishings and learning resources that are always accessible to them.

With your child’s growing independence, their reliance on adults is eased slightly and we ensure that each team member has no more than four children to support at any one time.

The staff at Monkey Puzzle Hartley Wintney have been so brilliant and patient helping my 2 year old daughter settle at nursery. The children take part in such a wide range of activities and my daughter always comes home full of news about the new things she has enjoyed doing there.

Toddlers continue to develop with a focus on the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, and are more fully introduced to four more specific areas that support their growing enthusiasm for exploring their world. These are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design.

As our Squirrels go about their play our educators sprinkle texts, books, sounds and numbers around them, promoting your child’s curiosity.

There will always be space and opportunity for them to create their own work and art, being encouraged to have a go themselves inspired by the world around them.

Squirrels Environment

Once your child moves up to the Squirrels room their day is structured around their changing interests. The room is very well appointed with outstanding levels of equipment, allowing your child to discover at their individual level of understanding and encouraging learning through play. There are various dedicated areas offering different activities, for example, the ‘Story Corner’ where the children can sit in a group and listen to stories; a construction area to develop coordination; a messy play area for painting, sticking and creativity, and a home corner for lots of role play and circle time games.

As this is the time when the majority of children start toilet training, the Squirrels room is equipped with brightly decorated children’s toilets, encouraging independence. Our Toddlers and Preschool rooms share our second outdoor learning environment, which is fully equipped with an impact absorbing surface and lots of outside equipment designed to encourage coordination and balance.

Squirrels Care

With children’s growing independence, at times their desire to play and move is greater than their sense of wellbeing. With a high level of adult interaction, we are close enough to support your child, ensuring they are comfortable and healthy. Your child’s day will include:

  • Regular nappy changes, and support to become toilet confident
  • Essential sleep and rest, often after enjoying lunch. We have space for those children that need a sleep and space for those still full of energy and curiosity
  • Continuously observing their needs, supporting with wiping of noses and cleaning of hands whilst encouraging them to have a go themselves first, making sure they are as comfortable and can have as much fun as possible


If you would like to come in and have a tour of our nursery facilities, please get in touch.

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